Toilet Training

So your baby is growing up and is ready to start toilet training.  Parents rejoice, the end of changing nappies is in sight! Make the transition from nappies to underwear a little bit easier with our range of toddler training pants and other toilet training aids.

Toddler training pants are often shaped like underpants with stretchy sides to allow your child to use them just like underpants. They will also usually contain some absorbency and a waterproof outer layer to contain the inevitable accident in the learning process.

We also have bed covers so night time training is easier on the washing load – simply swap the Brolly Sheets bed protector over for another one in the middle of the night. No more fiddling with sheets in the dark and you all get back to bed quicker!

Travel in style with our car seat protectors from Close. Car seat protectors that help to contain spills and accidents when out and about in the car or pram, even in a highchair. A great idea for those just starting to use underpants instead of toddler training pants, as a layer of security and peace of mind.  There are several designs to choose from, so you can keep fussy toddlers happy with a pattern to please them, or one to match your taste instead.