Cloth wipes and natural baby wipes are so handy to have when you have kids! Use them when changing nappies, wiping hands and faces at meal times, or just generally cleaning up. Kids grown up? Use the natural baby wipes in your lunch bag instead of paper serviettes! Made from a range of fabrics and in different sizes, it’s easy to find some to suit your needs. Keep your child’s precious skin free from nasty chemicals, because all you need for most clean ups is the wipe with water. We also stock wipes solution for those times when you need extra cleaning power. The solutions are made from natural ingredients to be gentle on sensitive skin.

Wipes pouches are a great way to keep your wipes handy when on the go – to the park, to a friend’s house, or just in your bag for any required clean ups. The pouch keeps the wipes dry until needed, and when you’ve finished put them back in the bag to contain the moisture and mess until you get home.

Cleaning the wipes themselves is a breeze – pop them in the washing machine with either your normal wash or your cloth nappies.  We supply wipes made from various, easy to wash materials – cotton, polyester/cotton and micro fleece.

We also stock natural baby wipes for when you want disposable wipes. These are plant based wipes made from renewable materials, so there’s no nasty chemicals on your child’s skin or heading to landfill. 



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Close Pop-In Bamboo Wipes 10 Pack

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Bubblebubs Foamy Wipes Wash Concentrate

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