Pop in for one of our relaxed Cloth Nappy Workshops Since New Age Nappies moved to Brisbane it’s been lovely having customers come in to either pick up orders, browse or check out a particular brand of nappy. But did you know that we also conduct cloth nappy workshops and information sessions? It’s fabulous having the opportunity […]

A comparison of the 3 types of Bumgenius Nappies Bumgenius nappies are very popular, not just at New Age Nappies, but all over the world. There’s a good reason, they are simple, and they just work! When I first started using cloth nappies in 2010, I used Bumgenius pockets but today they have more choice of style […]

I keep reading over and over again in Facebook groups that people are choosing All-in-Twos (AI2s) over All-in-Ones (AIO) due to drying time. But it doesn’t have to be the case, new designs in AIOs mean drying time can be just as fast, if not faster than some AI2s. All-in-Ones have changed! AIOs are finding it hard to […]

Sometimes the thought of using cloth nappies over night can be extremely daunting, even for a full-time day time cloth nappy user. The stakes are just that little bit higher over night…wet bedding, wet PJs and a cranky and AWAKE baby! But cloth doesn’t have to be any more difficult at night, like anything with […]

If you are experiencing regular leaking with your nappies, don’t worry – there will be an answer! For the next few times leaks occur, note the following: **Pictures coming!** 1. Is the nappy ‘full’? If the nappy is pretty much soaked through then this will usually mean that your little one has out-weed it! There’s […]

When you’re a self-confessed Nappy Nerd like me (I love cloth nappies so much I bought the business), there’s nothing that makes your heart sing more than hearing a cloth nappy convert share their experiences (and newfound love for cloth). Big thanks to New Age Nappies mum, Kirsten, for sharing her story with us. Kirsten […]

Over the past several months I’ve had the pleasure of being involved with a small group of cloth nappy industry professionals who have been creating the Australian Nappy Association. These ladies are amazing – they are passionate, driven, talented businesswomen and seriously know their cloth nappy shiz! After years of an insane amount of work […]