Hi and welcome to New Age Nappies 🙂

I’m Kate, mum to a crazy three-year-old girl and a chubby 6-month-old boy. I LOVE cloth nappies and I’m a self-confessed nappy nerd!

New Age Nappies started back in 2006 bringing the fabulous Imse Vimse range of nappies into Australia. Since then modern cloth nappies have come a long way and I’m still excited about finding new and innovative products to include in the range.

It is my aim to provide you with a place that is full of easy to understand information about cloth nappying and a ‘helpline’ if you have any queries. There is also a fabulous and supportive Facebook page where there is a wealth of information among the members that are only too happy to assist and share their knowledge.

I first decided to use cloth nappies when I was a few months pregnant because I didn’t like the thought of disposables, nor did I want dirty nappies in my house, or going into landfill. I figured that if they were good enough for my bum when I was a baby, they would be ok for my daughter. So I googled ‘cloth nappies’…

To my absolute delight, I soon discovered that cloth nappies had come a long way from the terry squares and plastic pilchers that mum used, a long long way. There on my screen was a whole world of colour and cuteness. However, I was absolutely and utterly overwhelmed and had no idea where to start.

For the next few weeks it felt like the more I learned, the more confused I became and the more questions I had. But what I did know was that I felt extremely good about my decision to use cloth. I loved that they were cheaper than disposables, better for the environment, better for my baby, and looked just so super cute!

It took many hours to finally put the pieces together and start making some decisions about styles and then brands. I didn’t know anyone with a baby, nor did I know anyone who was pregnant, so I embarked on this journey on my own, and with the raised eyebrows of my family! My partner was appalled that I was planning to use cloth (putting it mildly!) and point blank refused to change any nappies if I stuck to my decision. Needless to say, it didn’t weaken my resolve, and I’m pleased to report that it wasn’t long after she was born that he was dutifully ensuring that her nappy colour co-ordinated with the rest of her outfit 🙂

I cloth nappied my daughter part-time from birth and full-time from about 3 weeks. Since those early days I’ve tried about 60 different brands/styles of nappies. I’ve also done a lot of research…yup, nerd! I had a sneaking suspicion that I really wanted to become an advocate for cloth nappies, and spend my days immersed in them when the research didn’t stop after my daughter toilet trained. I still found myself reading about and talking about cloth nappies to anyone that would listen! Seriously, I am a blast at parties 🙂

With our second bub, I have been busy trying out loads more brands and styles, giving me lots more information to share with you.

We are located in Hawthorne, Brisbane and have a nappy showroom, so feel free to make a time to pop in to see and feel the nappies, and ask any questions. Whether you are a seasoned cloth nappy user and just want to check out a new style, or are new to cloth and wish to have a full consultation, I am more than happy to assist.

If there is a product you would like to see New Age Nappies stock, or a product that is out of stock please contact me as I am usually doing regular re-orders and also happy to take suggestions for new and exciting products.

Kate x